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Expert Delivery Learning Management System and Services Helps Speakers, Trainers and Authors Like YOU Easily Generate Thousands of Dollars in Monthly Revenue with YOUR Own Online Learning Center... Using Powerpoint and and Easy to Use LMS.

Expert Delivery Network Learning Management Systems gives you the tools to provide highly interactive training modules for your training purposes.

Take your training out of the books, DVDs, and webinars and put it online! Training can be much more effective when using tools such as audio, video, learning games, surveys and quizzes that are interacting with the individual.

  • DVD Video
  • Existing Training Powerpoints
  • Webinars
  • Articles
  • Even Books

Expert Delivery LMS is an easy to use Learning Management System (LMS) / Learning Content Management System (LCMS) that allows users to build, import, assemble, repurpose, deliver, and track training content and events, all in one easy to use system. The primary focus of Expert Delivery LMS is ease-of-use. Expert Delivery LMS is a low cost, low risk solution that provides anyone the opportunity to make the jump to eLearning.


With Expert Delivery LMS you can quickly and easily convert your existing training materials into e-learning content, or create your training from scratch. The Free EZ LCMS PowerPoint plugin allows you to build complete courses including animation, multimedia content, quiz and/or test questions and completion certificates. Once your PowerPoint course is complete, the PowerPoint plug-in can automatically load the course into the Expert Delivery system for you, for delivery to your students.


Students interact with an easy to use interface for launching on-line course content, tracking instructor-led classes, joining web conferences, and accessing on-line resources. A course catalog enables learners to enroll themselves in public courses and classes; and a per-course/class discussion forum allows students to join together and learn from each other.

If you have decided to charge for your courses, your students can choose the courses they wish to purchase from the course catalog, pay for them, and begin taking them right away.


Expert Delivery LMS provides built-in reporting in visual styles that make it easy to access and view the student's information and progress. Reports can be viewed by the individual, group, course, class, or even customized to display based on custom user criteria that you create. All reports are available in pie or bar chart format. Using the Manager role, you can assign different individuals in your organization to be responsible for groups of students. Managers can view their studentís progress and manage their enrollments as needed.

Only $399 per month for up to 1000 users. Free 30 Day Trial

Contact Brian Sullivan at 913-530-8894 or to sign up for your FREE TRIAL or to learn how to create your own Online Learning Center.

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Easy to Use

With this system, you don't need a nerdy tech guy to charge you thousands of dollars to create and manage your Online Learning Center. Do it yourself and keep all the profits!

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