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Expert Delivery LMS is the easiest and most affordable Learning Management System you have ever tried. After years of working with these systems and even more years working with training departments, we know what it takes to create happy students and even happier business managers and leaders.

So whether you have you own content and just need an easy and affordable LMS, or if you want us to help you create your content and then put it on your own customized LMS, we are here to serve.


  • Allows you to deliver and track training content and events, all in one easy to use system.  
  • Joining web conferences, and access on-line resources.
  • Students can choose the courses they wish to purchase from the course catalog, pay for them, and begin taking them right away.
  • Or if used in corporate setting, they can be easily enrolled
  • Reports can be viewed by the individual, group, course, class, or even customized to display based on custom user criteria that you create.
  • Managers can view their students progress and manage their enrollments as needed.


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